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Hey there!

I’m Kelly. Thank you so much for dropping in.

I love writing, and so I started this blog as a channel for me to write about the things that I’m passionate about. Oh, where do I begin! I’m a Pilates teacher, and I love mindful movement, fitness, activewear, health and all things wellness. I’ve an insatiable appetite for travelling, and I enjoy writing about the places I’ve visited, so that I can look back and rekindle those feelings that I had during my trip. I’m also a budding greenie and I hope to advocate zero-waste and more sustainable habits, as well as my interest in natural, organic products.

This is a space for open sharing and community, and I do hope that you’ll come back to visit often. Hit the follow button below, and be the first to know when there’s a new post.

If you’re interested in classes/collaborations, I’d love to hear from you too! Do drop me an email at pilatesandprints@gmail.com and let’s have a chat.

Love, Kelly x

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